How To Choose Heel Height And Shoe Type From Clearance Louboutin Shoes

Marilyn Monroe described high heels like this: I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe it a lot. Everyone has different reasons for wearing high heels, maybe you are because of professional requirements, maybe you want to be taller, maybe you want to be full of aura, or maybe you just like clearance Louboutin shoes heels…

Different heights do bring different visual experiences

But different heights do bring different visual experiences. The following also lists several heights of the most commonly worn high heels for your reference when choosing: The first type is 5 cm. Generally speaking, this height is a comfortable and healthy height for high-heeled shoes. It will not cause trouble to human health if worn for a long time. If you are worried about the uncontrollable partner of high-heeled shoes for the first time, you can also choose Oh little thick heel. The second is 7 cm. This type of heel height is more suitable for wearing high heels and wanting a better body proportion and a little taller partner.The third type is the height of 9-10 cm.

Generally speaking, clearance Louboutin shoes of this height are necessary for wearing dresses and events. Celebrities usually choose shoes of this height when they walk on the red carpet. Elongate the line of the legs and make the body line look better. However, if you wear high heels over 9 cm for a long time, the calf muscles will become more tense, and the pressure on the forefoot will be more tiring. Reminder: When choosing such shoes with high heels, you must pay attention to the comfort and breathability of the shoes.

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How to choose high heels from the foot type

Many friends have had this experience, and the feet will hurt beyond words after wearing high heels for a long time. In fact, in addition to the workmanship of the shoes, a large part of the bad experience that high heels bring to you is that you have not picked the pair that suits your foot shape. Then let’s talk about how to choose high heels from the foot type. The first is the Egyptian foot, which is characterized by foot shape: the thumb is much longer than the second toe, and there is a diagonal line from the big toe to the little toe. The suitable clearance Louboutin shoe type is the sole with a little inclination, not as common as the common oblique round toe and oblique pointed toe.

The second type characterizes the German foot by featuring a much more prominent first toe compared to the other toes, while the other four toes do not differ much. The suitable shoe type is similar to the Egyptian foot, but the toe space should be as large and wide as possible. The third type is the Greek foot, also known as the beauty foot, with the longest second toe. Feminine pointed toe shoes. The fourth type is Celtic foot. The second toe of this foot type is the longest, and the length difference between the other four toes is relatively obvious. More suitable for pointed and almond toe, while wider toe may be better.

As long as you choose the right cheap Louboutin shoes for your heel height and foot shape, the days of walking fast in high heels are no longer a dream.

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