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Guinness is very playful, can you imagine that the design of its heel is derived from beer cans? The playful cheap Louboutin shoes sales put various styles of beer cans on the heels for design. As a result, the combination of the Guinness dark beer can and the shoes was the most pleasing to him. Today, this playful beer high-heeled shoes have also captured The favor of countless women with a lively heart.


Exaggerated line design, bold over-the-knee style choice, this pair of shoes with the same name inspired by the movie Lola Monets, with the help of the movie beauty and bold character expressed by actress Martine Carol in the movie, let this pair of shoes Shoes are full of bright, flamboyant elements.


You may be confused by the name, how can there be garbage in cheap Christian Louboutin? In fact, this pair of shoes is CL’s interpretation of minimalism. He hopes to design a pair of shoes that are abstract, simple and pretentious. Once again, by chance, he uses the garbage in a trash can of a female worker in the factory, and his own A mix of previously designed shoe frames resulted in this creative, effortless pair.


This pair of short boots is full of exotic and extravagant styles, which can be called “high jewelry” in shoes. Christian Louboutin made this pair of Bottinos with Cordova leather he was bidding on, and the exquisite carving on the leather reflects its extravagance everywhere.


Yes you read that right, there are dried flowers sealed on the heel. This pair of shoes has a romantic story: a female friend of cheap Christian Louboutin fell in love and wanted to be inseparable with her husband, and Christian complied with her request. The love object is sealed at the heel, so that friends are really inseparable from their lovers. The appearance of all kinds of exquisite sealing objects at the heel has also become a feature of CLOVIS.


Clearance Louboutins has also collaborated with embroidery artists. Taking Queen Mary of France as her design inspiration, she used exquisite embroidery on the shoes to show Queen Mary’s extremely luxurious clothes and life. She also unexpectedly and finely weaved Queen Mary’s hairstyle, and finally on the ankle. The high-hanging Queen Mary alludes to her final fate on the guillotine, combining history, work clothes and design.

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