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Discount louboutin shoes online founded

Christian Louboutin is the designer’s eponymous luxury footwear brand, founded in 1992. The brand’s signature logo is a red-soled shoe that highlights femininity, beauty and unobtrusive, sophisticated sensuality. In September 2007, designer Christian Louboutin filed a trademark application to protect his scarlet sole design from copying. After dropping out of school at the age of 16 to serve an apprenticeship at Romans-sur-Isere, the heart of the French shoe industry, discount louboutin shoes online began to make a name for himself in the industry thanks to his talent and creativity. Today, the brand is a favorite of royalty, celebrities and top stars alike.

Discount louboutin shoes online red sole

The most iconic feature of discount louboutin shoes online is definitely the red sole. When Mr. Louboutin saw his assistant wearing red nail polish, he had a flash of insight and applied it to the soles of his shoes, creating the world’s first pair of red soled shoes. The red soles became the trademark of Christian Louboutin. Christian Louboutin’s red soles are sexy and passionate, making everyone realize that a touch of red can make the whole outfit more stunning. It’s been said that if you’re having a candlelight dinner with your favorite boy, you should always choose red shoes, because they’re a great way to “seduce” man. This simple yet subtle design became an entire fashion phenomenon! The sophistication, sensuality and romance of wearing red soled shoes is just too much to resist.

Superb shoe-making techniques

discount louboutin shoes online

In fact, this is not only because of the red sole, but also due to the brand’s superb shoe-making techniques. Since wearing CL’s high heels, many people no longer believe that everyone goes for the red soles and the fame and beauty of the design rather than the quality of their shoes. CL red soled shoes are not just for women either. Many men are also looking for fashion and comfortable in discount louboutin shoes online. Their shoes really you put on after you don’t want to take off, is really a pair of wear will have all kinds of people praise you shoes look good, to their own also increased a lot of confidence in the shoes. The style of each pair of shoes has a very distinctive personal characteristics, with exotic and passionate, very sexy.

Very distinct personal style

Louboutin herself once said in an interview, “No matter it’s flat shoes or high heels, they are all sexy. Because the sexiest thing is actually the woman herself, and sexiness depends on her posture, the way she walks, the self she wants to show.” Each pair of CL shoes has a very distinct personal style, just like each one has its own individual appeal. Head to the store now to find your very own cheap Louboutins heels! There all dreams of shoes will come true.

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