Discount Louboutin Shoes Online:The Development Of The Red Bottom Shoes

Whether it is women or men, high heels are a fatal attraction. Walking in the streets of France, you will see French women wearing high heels, wearing red lips, even the hair exudes charm. Discount Louboutin Shoes Online red bottom heels are the must-have heels for every celebrity shoe closet.

The success f the brand Louboutin is never an accident

From the creation of Christian Louboutin to now there are more than twenty years, it has produced shoes style does not settle. All the royalty, high class celebrities are its regular customers.

Christian Louboutin, an Italian, originated the highest heels in Italy, which is also renowned as the capital of art and provided a long-term environment. Christian commenced handling high heels at the age of 11.  In 1991, he wanted to work for himself and wanted to show his understanding of art thoroughly in front of the public. And so he set out on his entrepreneurial journey. He once said: countless design drawings and aggressiveness were all he needed.

At first, after Louboutin designed the red shoes, it was once considered vulgar and unpleasant to look at these red-soled shoes works. However, these empty bad reviews did not hit Christian Louboutin. He recognizes the excellence of his work and is not afraid that the public will not accept it. As expected, after the red-soled shoes emerged a little while later, they seemed to clear all those malicious comments overnight. Everyone seemed to be captured by the charm of the Discount Louboutin Shoes Online. Perhaps this is the magic of red soled shoes.

Discount Louboutin Shoes Online

The design of Louboutin’s first pair of high heels

 More interestingly, the inspiration for the design of Christian Louboutin’s first pair of high heels. Christian Louboutin said he frequented art museums in Paris, Africa and Oceania, but the sign in front of the museum presented women’s high heels, with the shoes painted with red cross lines. He went almost every week out of curiosity to view and study the sign at the entrance, and then he realized that the sign indicated the prohibition of wearing high heels inside. He found it very puzzling why the museum prohibited women from wearing high heels when entering. In time, he realized that his inspiration for high heels came from the sign in front of the art museum.

However, I personally think that in addition to the designer Christian Louboutin’s own aesthetics and design. He designed the shoes also expressed his wonderful quality. This quality is the respect and love for women. That is the reason why many women have a wonderful and strong feeling when they see clearance Louboutins and don’t know how to describe such a pair of red-soled heels. However, they know that these red-soled heels are their dream shoes.

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