Improve your walking skills

Small steps.

Different to walking in high heels, you have to do this: You have to do this: the steps should be small, the pace is slower, and you must not bend your knees. High heels often shorten our pace. The higher the heel, the more the pace is as small as a small step. Don’t barely cross a big step, it is a man’s way of walking. Adhering to the elegant steps will make your walking posture look more natural, more comfortable, and more feminine.

Walking from the toe.

Our goal is to walk as normally wearing high heels. When you walk in flat shoes, you will not walk with your forefoot. When you take your steps, you will not land on the entire foot at the same time. The same is true to wear high heels. The high heels landed first, and then landed on the forefoot and toes. Then, when your body’s center of gravity falls on the forefoot, move your body forward, as if you are walking with your toes, you will start to take the next step.

Improve your posture (body).

Walking elegantly in high -heeled shoes is largely whether you can maintain a good posture. If a drooping head is frustrated, the shoulders are stretched, and the footsteps are dragging, it is also lost to the original meaning of wearing high heels. The purpose of wearing high heels is to make you look more confident and elegant. If you want to have exquisite posture, you must::

Pretend to have an invisible line to pull the head on the head to keep the head stand upright, that is, your head should be a line, and your chin should be parallel to the ground. When wearing high heels, don’t bow your head, look up and look forward.

The shoulders should be leaning backwards, naturally down, and the arms are easily placed on both sides. When walking, you can swing your arms appropriately to maintain a balance.

Make full use of your abdominal muscles and go to the abdomen when walking. This helps you stand upright and look slimmer.

The knee is slightly bent. When walking on high heels, the bending degree of the knee should be locked. Do not bend your knees step by step. When walking, your legs are together, and your toes point directly to the front.

Pretend to be walking along an invisible line.

When the model walks cat steps, one foot often put one foot to the front of the other foot, so that the hips will sway. Most women wear high heels to look more sexy, so it is not a good thing to sway the hips. The best way to sway your hips is to pretend that you are walking along a straight line or walking on the wire.

After one foot comes out, it will fall in front of the other foot, and the toes point directly to the front. This way of walking requires more practice to grasp it freely, but it is worthwhile to work hard. [3]

Watch some model fashion shows, see how professional models walk, and then try to imitate. However, you need to know that models are often exaggerated. In real life, you better ease a little bit.

Practice wearing high heels at home.

Before planning to wear high heels, wear it at home and practice for a day. This will not only make you more accustomed to walking on high heels, but also to grind the soles of your feet a little bit, and it will not be so smooth when going out. Practicing at home should be walking outside. All the details must be taken care of, such as: walk, stop, rotate, turn around, etc.

Open high heels.

Before wearing a new high heels, if you do not support the high heels, then your feet may inevitably wear blisters. The shoes are as important as the softening of the shoes, mainly to make the shoes close with their own feet. Before going out, wearing it at home can usually be opened. you still can:

Let the soles come into contact with different ground: you may wear high heels on the ground of the brick paving, on the carpet, or smooth wooden floor, so you have to master various ground.

Dance: If you plan to wear a high heel to go to the nightclub or participate in a party that needs to dance, then practice at home and music at home to ensure that you can dance comfortably when wearing high heels.

walk the stair. You must master this technique, because taking the stairs is a difficult operation for people in high heels. When walking down the stairs, put the whole foot down; when walking up the stairs, you can only put down the forefoot. At the same time, the railing should be held elegantly.

Wear high heels out

Walking outside is still very different. There are no soft carpets outside, flat wooden floors, it is difficult to walk many times.

A little flaw on the asphalt road, a little crack on the sidewalk will make it difficult for people in high heels to walk. Try to avoid walking on an uneven road when going out.

After practicing at home, another good place to consolidate exercises is supermarkets. You can push the shopping cart to help you maintain a balance.

Practice wearing high heels to stand.

Not only do you have to learn how to go, you also have to learn how to stand. It sounds very simple, but many women don’t know how to put a posture in front of the camera, or stop chatting with people how to stand. At this time, you will realize the importance of the comfort of shoes. If the shoes are fitted and comfortable, you don’t have to change your posture hard to make yourself comfortable.

The correct standing position when wearing high heels is that one foot touches the middle of the other foot, and at the same time forms an angle.

The body’s focus should be placed on the toes behind the feet. When this foot becomes a little tired, change the other foot.

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