How to wear a “Belt” sandals to be more beautiful?

Which one of the first sandals to buy in summer is still entangled in summer? If you want most of the items in the versatile wardrobe, it is best to improve the fashion degree. You may wish to wear a double “character belt”. Classic, versatile and real wear, it is the wide -leg pants in the shoes.

One Belt sandals

Recommend sandals every year, the first one is cheap Louboutin Outlet with a belt, will it be out of date after so long? In fact, a sandals are like wide -leg pants in the shoes, because the classic is not affected by the trend, and it looks good at any time.

The simplicity of the two straps with the right skin is just the most fashionable, but it has many pairs of sandals but still wears it. Therefore, many brands never stop launching a sandals.

Cheap Louboutin Shoes uses a satin material with its own gloss to present a simple and vintage and pretty feeling.

LOUBOUTIN UK Sale continues the brand’s consistent style and adds iconic rivet elements. The handsome metal style makes the overall style more tough.

Elie Saab has always been known for its gorgeous and elegant style. This year’s spring and summer brand also launched a beloved sandals. In addition to the basic black models, there are also sweet girl powder, which brings a soft feeling to the shape.

The most sexy part of the sandals is the delicate and fine band. The elegant arc modifies the lines of the feet slim and charming, giving people a light feeling of walking in the clouds. Many stars use it to match elegant dress skirts.

It is particularly suitable for hot summer exposure, which is not only breathable, but also very sexy. Kristina Romanova is wearing a black low -necked suspender and nine -point jeans, and stepping on a double -heeled sandals, which is simple but fashionable.

The toughness and handsomeness of a suit jacket complement the femininity of the word -of -the -moving high -heeled shoes, and the aura is full.

The ultra -fine word is not only suitable for tall man, but also a small man can also wear tall. Zhou Dongyu’s most commonly worn sandals in the event is a belt. In this look, she uses Stuart Weitzman silver with sandals with a haze blue dress. There is a sense of delicate women.

If you are worried that the ultra -thin band is solemn and wider, you can try the style with a wider band, increase the force area between the upper and the feet, and walk more comfortably.

And this dual broadband style has more retro flavors, with the same style of dark green slit dresses, showing a very elegant feeling.

The rough belt is paired with khaki workers, which is a little solemn, more free and leisure.

Broadband is more friendly to the fat feet. Jenny Walton, who is fat in the lower body, uses silver broadband sandals with red dress. It will not have the feeling of being tightened by your feet.

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