Christian Louboutin red-soled shoes are not for walking, but all women love them

Seeing the title of the article, straight men should find it strange. Shoes are not used for walking, are they for viewing?

Yes, for some shoes, women don’t care if they can wear them when they buy them, but simply want them. Just as some men buy limited-edition sneakers, they may not be used for walking. The main purpose is to “own” them.

The desire to “possess” is too strong and will bankrupt every woman.

Speaking of this, everyone should have guessed that those shoes that are not necessarily used for walking, but have captured the hearts of many women, are the “red-soled shoes” in the legend of the rivers and lakes.

“My sister is not wearing high heels, but is beautiful, sexy, and confident.” The charm of red-soled shoes lies in the meaning they represent, far surpassing “high heels.” Both the brand and the designer are called Christian Louboutin. This man designed the high heels that women all over the world want, and said lamely, “I hate people who look at my shoes and say, “Oh my God, your shoes look so comfortable.”

French designer Christian Louboutin’s humorous and straightforward character keeps the brand always active.

The epidemic killed high heels? Jimmy Choo, red-soled shoes Christian Louboutin…what crisis did the high-heeled shoes boutique do? 2020 can be said to be a year that changed the world. During the epidemic, the annual fashion events such as the Cannes Film Festival, the Oscar red carpet, and the Met Gala of the Metropolitan Museum were all cancelled, and most of the exhibitions and brand activities were moved online, and European and American fashion centers Trapped in the endlessly trendy season again and again! Relying on a “shoulder pad suit” to hit the world and the practical rules of wearing are made public!

If you want to purchase the first item of the season, what will it be? Want to wear real but also fashion? It may seem a little difficult to meet these two contradictory things at the same time, but my answer is actually very simple, that is, please prepare a “shoulder pad suit”. Looking at foreign street shots and models on the runway, the “Papa Style” shoulder-padded suits have been released. If you don’t look carefully, I thought that women with a bit of knowledge know that the more beautiful high heels, the more uncomfortable. But comfort is not the main reason for us to judge whether a pair of high-heeled shoes are beautiful or not. High-heeled shoes are something that is more beautiful and more dangerous, and being able to control it is the key point.

Yes, all women who like high heels want to look beautiful and dangerous. Otherwise, who wants to wear such uncomfortable things?

Christian Louboutin, who knows this well, designed it in this way.

There are few red-soled shoes that look as well-behaved as a good family woman and as kind as a small family biyu. They are all the ruthless characters of the beautiful and incomprehensible things, and they look very ugly. Because red-soled shoes always reveal a message full of desire, giving people an ambition of “I just want this.”

Christian Louboutin himself said: “Shoes have many uses. The shoes I make are not for walking. I want to use these shoes to remind people of fetishism. They are closely related to desire.” And its iconic red is also a bold and hot, very feminine color.

Speaking of Christian Louboutin, there is also a legend that belongs to him. From a young age, he suspected that he was an adopted child, because his skin color was darker than that of other brothers and sisters. It was not until 2014 that he confirmed from his mother that he was the result of a momentary passion between his mother and an Egyptian man.

However, he was influenced by his non-biological father since he was young, and he was interested in making handicrafts. This subtle influence continued to spread until he became a designer of women’s high heels.

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