Many people have seen Sex and the City. After Carrie lost Jimmy Choo’s high heels in the dark, she ran on the streets of New York and shouted: I lost my Choo! This scene has a deep impression for many people. Otherwise, Carrie Bradshaw held a pair of Jimmy Choo high heels and said “Love may no longer be, but shoes forever.” has become a very classic saying. Thus, how did it become so famous that it has become every girl’s dream of high heels today? Then it’s time to mention its founder.

Jimmy Choo, grew up in Malaysia.

All of his relatives are shoemakers. But when he was a child, his father always told him “sit, watch and learn”. However, with his excellent learning ability, he was familiar with all the moves his father used to make shoes. Later, Jimmy Choo traveled across the ocean to England with a sum of money given by his father and his own design works, and was admitted to the Cordwainers Technical College, to start his life of studying abroad in the UK. The turning point of the story lies in one of his classmate, Elizabeth Stuart Smith, who is on good terms with the editor of VOGUE magazine. In 1988, when VOGUE magazine produced a special issue of British designer. In the 8-pages giant feature, every pair of shoes that appeared on the magazine page was made by Jimmy Choo. At this point, Jimmy Choo and “Jimmy Choo” are famous in the world.

His design talent is appreciated not only by VOGUE, but also by Princess Diana.

From 1990 to 1997, he designed hundreds of pairs of shoes for Princess Diana to match daily casual clothes in different colors. After that, many royals, noble ladies and celebrities are admiringly looking for Jimmy Choo to customize the same style with Princess Diana. For that time, Jimmy Choo became a symbol of taste in the aristocratic circle. Many luxury cars are often parked outside the door of his studio, and ladies line up to find him to customize shoes.

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The most famous of the shoes, which is he designed for these celebrities, is the pair of diamond-encrusted shoes. It’s made for Cate Blanchett. At that time, she was already thinking about wearing Jimmy Choo shoes on the red carpet. Because of media reports that her diamond shoes were stronger than her own, she finally had to give up and didn’t wear these shoes when she walked the red carpet. However, with Cate Blanchett’s assists, VOGUE and many other media have reported this very eye-catching pair of high heels. Since then, Jimmy Choo has been standard for female stars on the red carpet of the annual awards ceremony, who think that wearing Jimmy Choo high heels will bring then good luck. According to incomplete statistics, Jimmy Choo has appeared on the red carpet as many as 618 times.

Today, Sandra Choi, a niece and disciple of Jimmy Choo, serves as the creative director of Jimmy Choo. She continued the craftsmanship of Jimmy Choo and led Jimmy Choo into a new chapter belonging to this young designer.

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