YSL is one of the most popular luxury high heel brands

Today, let ’s talk about high heels. High heels are worn by every girl who loves beauty, and wearing high heels can make girls more beautiful and more temperament, and YSL is one of the most popular luxury high heels brands.

The abbreviation of YSL (Yves Saint laurent), translated in Chinese as Saint Laurent, is a famous French luxury brand. It was founded by Mr. Yves Saint Laurent born in Algeria, French North Africa on August 1, 1936. It mainly includes fashion, skin care products, perfumes and bags. , Glasses, accessories, etc. With a strong family background, he has no shortage of opportunities to contact high fashion jewellery during his growth. Over time, he has accumulated a passion for fashion. When he was 17 years old, he went to Paris, the capital of fashion, to study art, and soon moved to the field of costume painting. At the age of 18, he won the fashion design competition in one fell swoop and was introduced to work under Christian Dior as Dior’s deputy. In December 2018, the “World Top 500 Brands 2018” compiled by the World Brand Lab was announced, and Saint Laurent ranked 289. What I want to introduce to you today is the shoes of the YSL brand. They are diverse and unique. Including sandals, high heels, boots, sneakers, hiking canvas shoes, etc. Now I will introduce the characteristics of these types of YSL shoes. YSL Saint Laurent classic stiletto heels, Opyum high heels released by Saint Laurent, designer Anthony Vaccarello. The design of the shoes is very unique and the design sense is great. The classic heel personally feels that the shoe control must be entered. The black patent leather style reveals a feminine temperament, and it also contains architectural lines and artistic sense. Most of the YSL outlet patent leather toe cap high heels, low toe toe high heels, gold heel YSL letter metal connection accessories.

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